Getting Your Ex Back

One of the mistakes many people make when trying to get their ex back is to say I’m sorry a thousand times. There is nothing wrong with a good apology in many cases. But saying I’m sorry over and over can actually cause your ex to move further away from you. Learn more about Get Ex Back In Just Hours here.

Instead of apologizing repeatedly, there are better things to do to get your ex back. First, don’t apologize if you did nothing wrong. If you ex left because they drifted apart from you, apologizing would make you sound pathetic.

Next, if you did something wrong that you need to apologize for, that’s a good thing to understand. To get your ex back, you need to understand what caused the break, and if it was something you did, you better be ready to apologize for it.

However, before you apologize, you need to do a few things first or your apology wont work.

Lets say you had an affair and that’s why you lost your ex. You definitely did something wrong! But don’t go saying I’m sorry a hundred times. It wont work. Trust has been broken. Betrayal has been experienced by your ex. You can learn more about how to get your ex back specfics here.

Before you say you’re sorry a million times, do these smart steps first! Own up to what you did. Admit it. Your ex needs to know at a basic emotional level that you know what you did was wrong. So admit it. Don’t justify or try to explain your actions.

The next important step is almost always overlooked.

And that is to get your ex to vent. Venting allows your ex to get all their negative feelings out, off their chest. So you must get them to and then let them vent before you apologize.

So fess up to what you did and then get them to release and vent their negative feelings. If you do those things first, your apology will come across a lot better and have a much better chance of being accepted.

So if your ex deserves an I’m sorry, make it a powerful one.

And do that by letting your ex vent and letting your ex hear you own up to what you did wrong. That way, you may be able to get your ex back in hours or a few days rather than waiting months hoping they’ll cool down and forgive you. Go here for a free course on How To Get Love Help.

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